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Vocational Skills - Workplace Readiness - Job Essentials - LIBRARY

Vocational Skills - Workplace Readiness - Job Essentials - LIBRARY

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This Vocational Skills resource empowers students with essential work skills through specialized worksheets. This resource equips students with practical skills & abilities crucial for excelling in library work environments. From genre differentiation to organizational proficiency, information retrieval, digital literacy, and administrative competence, this unit covers a wide range of library job skills. These worksheets prepare students for life beyond the classroom, enhancing confidence, independence and workplace readiness.




  • 10 library vocational skills worksheets - 2 weeks of work
  • 116 interactive elements - example: read, circle, write in the answer &more!
  • 5 extension ideas
  • Color set + black & white set
  • Teacher answer key






Skills Covered:

 Genre Differentiation: Develop your students' ability to distinguish between various literary genres, enabling them to effectively guide library users to their preferred books.

Organizational Proficiency: Sorting books & magazines in alphabetical order, by date, author, and Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC), students will refine their organizational skills to ensure a smoothly functioning library space. 

Information Retrieval: Equip your students with the techniques to extract relevant information from library cards, fostering independent information-seeking behavior. 

Digital Literacy: Practice copying usernames and passwords to input login information, navigate and extract information from book search databases.

Administrative Competence: From filling out overdue book slips to efficiently checking books back in, your students will gain insight into the administrative side of library operations.


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