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Valentine's Day Craft - 2-in-1 - Self Love Activity & Valentine - SEL Craft

Valentine's Day Craft - 2-in-1 - Self Love Activity & Valentine - SEL Craft

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No Prep - Valentine's Day Self Love Craft & Appreciation Valentine Activity - Social Emotional Craft and Worksheets - February Bulletin Board

This Valentine's Day Chocolate Heart Box - Self-Love Craft is an ideal social-emotional learning activity for your students to engage in positive self-talk and foster a growth mindset. It offers a wonderful opportunity for students to express self-love during the Valentine's Day season. Students will brainstorm words that reflect self-love and use their creativity to design and decorate their own chocolate heart box and chocolates.

Moreover, this activity can serve a dual purpose by creating Valentines for loved ones at home. Instead of self-love words, students can use positive words to describe the person they are making the Valentine for.

Lettering and decorations included for a festive Valentine's Day bulletin board to showcase the students' creativity and celebrate the season of love.





  • Table of contents
  • About the resource
  • How to use
  • 5 quick and easy modifications

 Self Love Craft:

  • Ready-to-print PDF format
  • 2 versions of the craft
    • Self-love
    • Valentine with kind words describing a loved one
  • 2 levels:
    • Smaller chocolates with more words
    • Larger chocolates with fewer words
  • 13 cover options - 1 blank cover
  • 12 different types of brainstorming worksheets
  • 2 pages with 30 example self-love words that can be used as a reference or cut out as a modification for students
  • Inside of the craft and 5 different chocolate option pages
  • 4 scissor-free worksheet options

Bulletin Board Kit:

  • "Self love is sweet" letters (red with pink outline)
  • 3 options of hearts: red and pink, pink, & red
  • 4 blank chocolates that can be used for student or staff names



⭐ 2-in-1 Self Love Valentine Craft

⭐ 1 Bulletin Board Kit

⭐ 36 total sheets

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