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Understanding Menus FREEBIE - Reading Menus & Menu Math - Life Skills

Understanding Menus FREEBIE - Reading Menus & Menu Math - Life Skills

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Menu Math | Menu Comprehension | Life Skills | Functional Text | Skills for Independence | Real-World Skills | Community Skills

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This is a NO PREP, print and go resource!

These worksheets work great for functional text & life skills IEP objectives.

For the full version of this product check out the links below!

Understanding Menus Unit 1

Understanding Menus Unit 2

Understanding Menus Unit 3

Understanding Menus Unit 4

This resource is also apart of a BUNDLE saving you 20%!

Understanding Menus BUNDLE

This download includes:

  • 1 menu
  • 2 levels
  • A color & black and white set
  • 1 separate large menu page
  • Teacher answer key

Level 1 - Cut & Paste - Simpler Questions - Bolded Key Words

  • 5 worksheets with 25 questions (5 questions per page)

Level 2 - Write in the Answer - More Complex Questions - Multi-part questions

  • 5 worksheets with 28 questions (5 - 6 questions per page)

12 different worksheets and 53 questions per set.

A total of 24 different worksheets.

This resource features one realistic menu for students to explore. Designed for differentiation, the resource offers two levels of engagement. The first level involves cut-and-paste activities with simpler questions, focusing on menu comprehension and basic price identification. The second level challenges students with write-in responses, encouraging critical thinking and analysis. Students tackle questions about menu item costs, ingredients, and comparisons of prices. They also practice calculating totals for orders and determining the correct amount of change. This comprehensive resource aims to enhance students' real-world understanding of menus, prices, and basic financial skills, preparing them for practical decision-making and equipping them with valuable life skills.

Featured Menu:

Sports Restaurant

As extension activities, students can use classroom money to present the correct amount of money. Students can calculate sales tax and or tip.

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