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Understanding Credit Cards - Unit 1 - Life Skills - Special Education

Understanding Credit Cards - Unit 1 - Life Skills - Special Education

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| Credit and Debit Cards | Functional Text | Life Skills Reading | Comprehension Questions | Special Education

This is a NO PREP, print and go resource.

Recently updated to include:

  • Color + black & white set
  • 13 new worksheets per set/ 48 total new worksheets
  • 37 additional questions added

This resource includes:

  • 8 different realistic credit card
  • 2 levels
  • A color & black and white set
  • Teacher answer key

Level 1 - Cut & Paste - Simpler Questions

  • 4 example/ teaching worksheets
  • 3 practice labeling the credit card worksheets with 15 questions
  • 10 worksheets with 50 questions (5 questions per page)

Level 2 - Write in the Answer - More Complex Questions

  • 4 example/ teaching worksheets
  • 4 practice labeling the credit card worksheets with 22 questions
  • 10 worksheets with 60 questions (6 questions per page)

A total of 35 different worksheets and 147 questions per set.

A total of 70 different worksheets.

This resource aims to familiarize students with a range of authentic credit cards commonly used in everyday life. It includes teaching worksheets that provide example credit cards, highlighting various components such as the security code, cardholder information, card type, and more. Students will engage in labeling exercises to practice identifying these different parts of a credit card. Additionally, comprehension questions are incorporated to assess students' understanding. The resource features a collection of eight distinct, realistic credit cards, offering a comprehensive learning experience.

This resources helps students to look at and read credit cards to find the important information to be able to purchase products online or call/ chat customer service. Examples of questions: Visa or MasterCard?, What is the card number?, When does this card expire?, What is the security code? & more

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