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Paying Bills/ Bill Comprehension - Unit 3 - Life Skills

Paying Bills/ Bill Comprehension - Unit 3 - Life Skills

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This resource is specifically designed to introduce students to the vital life skill of reading common bills accurately. With this downloadable material, students will engage with a diverse collection of realistic bills.


Through a series of thought-provoking questions, students will develop a deep understanding of various aspects related to these bills, such as account details, costs, due dates, late charges, and more. The resource offers two levels of engagement: a cut-and-paste activity level and a write-in-the-answer level. This ensures that students of varying abilities can participate and reinforce their learning.


  • 4 different realistic bills
  • 2 levels
  • Color + black & white set
  • Teacher answer key


Level 1 - Cut & Paste - Simpler Questions - Larger Text - Bolded Key Words

  • 14 worksheets with 70 questions (5 questions per page)


Level 2 - Write in the Answer - More Complex Questions - Multi-part questions

  • 12 worksheets with 84 questions (7 questions per page)


_26 different worksheets and 154 questions per set.

_A total of 52 different worksheets.


Bills Included:

  • Monthly Streaming Subscriptions
  • Medical Bill
  • Food Delivery Service
  • Plumber



Key Features:

1. Realistic Bill Exposure: The resource provides students with exposure to authentic bills commonly encountered in real-life situations, enhancing their ability to understand and analyze bills effectively.


2. Comprehensive Questioning: A wide range of questions is included to cover crucial aspects of bill reading, such as account information, costs, dates, and potential penalties. This promotes a holistic understanding of bill-related concepts.


3. Two Levels of Engagement: The resource offers flexibility with two levels of difficulty. Students can choose between a cut-and-paste activity or a write-in-the-answer format, allowing them to engage at a level suited to their abilities.


By utilizing Practical Bill Reading Skills, students will develop a valuable life skill that empowers them to confidently navigate and comprehend common bills. This resource sets a strong foundation for financial literacy and responsible decision-making in the real world.




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