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Landscaping - Vocational Skills Worksheets - Workplace Readiness - Job Skills

Landscaping - Vocational Skills Worksheets - Workplace Readiness - Job Skills

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This Vocational Skills - SPRING LANDSCAPING resource empowers students with essential work skills through specialized worksheets designed for a job site setting.

Step into the world of vocational skills as a landscaper with these engaging worksheets. Designed to develop essential skills for landscaping jobs. These worksheets cover a range of tasks, including understanding price lists, following planting patterns, identifying needed items, sorting and counting gardening supplies, naming common gardening tools, locating items in cluttered locations, and more. Perfect for vocational training programs and job readiness courses. Get your students ready for success in the landscaping industry today.



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  • Ready-to-print PDF format
  • 10 landscaping vocational skills worksheets
    • - 2 weeks of work
  • Over 100 interactive elements - for example: read, circle, write in the answer & more!
  • Color set + black & white set

Answer Key:

  • Teacher answer key provided





Price List Understanding:
Students analyze a company's price list to grasp the pricing structure for landscaping services or products, enhancing their comprehension skills as they interpret pricing information.

Following Planting Patterns:
Students practice following planting patterns or designs in landscaping projects, honing attention to detail and spatial reasoning as they adhere to specific layouts.

Identifying Gardening Tools:
Students identify common gardening tools used in landscaping tasks, improving their vocabulary and visual recognition skills in a landscaping context.

Sorting and Counting Gardening Supplies:
Students categorize and count gardening supplies, such as seeds or pots, refining mathematical and organizational skills essential for landscaping projects.

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