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Halloween Job Postings - Functional Reading - Vocational

Halloween Job Postings - Functional Reading - Vocational

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Halloween Job Postings - Vocational Skills

Get your students ready for the exciting transition into the workforce this Halloween season! These engaging worksheets are designed to immerse students in real-world job postings they would encounter during the spooky Halloween season. By reading and answering questions, they'll sharpen their comprehension and vocational skills.


But that's not all! These worksheets also encourage students to reflect on job requirements, duties, and benefits, empowering them to assess if a particular job aligns with their abilities and aspirations. Plus, this resource is differentiated with two different levels, ensuring that all your classroom students can benefit from this resource.


Equip your students with the skills they need to thrive in the world of work using this convenient resource!




  • 4 Halloween-themed job postings
  • 2 levels
  • 25 worksheets with 145 questions
  • Teacher answer key
  • 4 extension ideas


Level 1 - Cut & Paste + Highlight/ Circle the Answer - Simpler Questions - Larger Text

  • 9 cut & paste worksheets with 45 questions (5 questions per page)
  • 4 highlight/ circle the answer reflection worksheets with 28 questions (7 questions per page)
  • Answer key


Level 2 - Write in the Answer - More Complex Questions/ Some with Multiple Parts

  • 12 worksheets with 72 questions (6 questions per page)
  • Answer key






Job Postings Included:

  • Halloween Store Associate
  • Haunted House Actor
  • Corn Maze Attendant
  • Scream Fest Operations Team Member
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