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Website Comprehension 1 - Real-World Reading Worksheets - Functional Texts

Website Comprehension 1 - Real-World Reading Worksheets - Functional Texts

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Explore the Web with Engaging Real-World Text Practice!

These worksheets are designed to immerse students in everyday websites and internet searches, offering real-world text practice with text-dependent questions.

Hone Comprehension Skills through Close Reading

As students read print webpage examples closely, they'll tackle a variety of comprehension skills embedded in the text samples. From time-related questions to price comparisons and sales tax, they'll learn to read, refer, and respond effectively.

Prepare Students for Real-Life Challenges!

Equip your students with practical knowledge to navigate the digital world confidently. With this resource, they'll gain valuable skills applicable to real-world situations. Don't miss this opportunity to make learning meaningful and relevant!


  • 7 different website/ internet search landing pages
  • 2 levels
  • Teacher answer key
  • 38 worksheets with 204 questions
  • Suggested follow up activities
  • Easel activity





Level 1 - Cut & Paste - Simpler Questions

  • 21 worksheets with 102 questions (4 - 5 questions per page)

Level 2 - Write in the Answer - More Complex Questions (some questions have multiple parts)

  • 17 worksheets with 102 questions (6 questions per page)

Webpages Included:

Movie Theatre Information

Movie Information/ Showtimes

Bowling Alley Information

Show Ticket Pricing

Store Information

Pool Schedule

YMCA Information

Behind the resource: As I noticed my students struggling to find information on webpages, I decided to create a solution. Instead of relying on links that might become outdated, my resource provides lifelike versions of landing pages. This way, students can familiarize themselves with locating online information effectively. Please note that the resource does not include actual links or webpages. It's a practical tool to equip students with essential web navigation skills.

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