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Halloween-Themed Instructions - Functional Reading - Life Skills

Halloween-Themed Instructions - Functional Reading - Life Skills

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Are you in search of real-world reading activities for your special education teens or adults? Explore this engaging Halloween-Themed Written Instructions Resource, tailored for special education teens and adults! This real-world reading tool enhances life skills while exposing students to authentic Halloween instructions. With two levels of differentiation (cut & paste and written answers), it's an ideal resource for students of varying abilities.


Encourage independent living and boost confidence as students dive into real-life reading experiences, from a pumpkin carving kit to temporary costume hair color and more. Elevate your teaching with this practical and fun Halloween learning adventure!


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Halloween BUNDLE



  • 6 different Halloween-themed instructions
  • 2 levels (cut & paste + write the answer)
  • 40 worksheets with 195 questions
  • 6 large instruction pages
  • Answer key
  • 4 extension ideas


Level 1 - Cut & Paste - Larger Text - Simpler Questions - Bolded Key Words

  • 18 worksheets with 93 questions
  • Answer key


Level 2 - Write in the Answer - More Complex Questions - Some Multipart

  • 16 worksheets with 102 questions (2 of the worksheets are cut & paste)
  • Answer key



  • Pumpkin Seeds - Connecticut Field
  • Pumpkin Seeds - Sweet Sugar
  • Costume Temporary Hair Color
  • Pumpkin Carving Kit
  • Monster Punch Recipe
  • Haunted Mansion Cookie Kit


Recent Updates 10/11/23:

  • 2nd level added
  • 26 new worksheets added
  • 98 questions added
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