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Functional Academics - Filling Out Forms Unit 4 - Life Skills

Functional Academics - Filling Out Forms Unit 4 - Life Skills

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This is a NO PREP, print and go resource!

This is a paper based resource. For the digital version click below:

Filling Out Forms Unit 4 - Google Slides

**This resource is also available in a BUNDLE saving you 20%**

Filling Out Forms BUNDLE - Paper Based

This download includes:

  • 12 background/ information reading prompts
  • 6 different blank forms
  • Teacher answer key

A total of 19 different sheets

Recently Updated to include 6 new background prompts!

This resource was designed to help students practice the important life skill of filling out forms. This Unit is the most advanced out of the 4 Units covering more advanced forms that high level students may access during adult life. This unit involves longer forms with more details. Some prompts ask students to pull information and details off of licenses, passports and credit cards.

Forms Included:

• Passport Application (Multiple Pages)

• U.S. Customs Travel Declaration

• W-9 Form

• Car Rental Agreement

• Registration Application

From working with my own students, I realized many were unable to identify key form vocabulary such as (gender, county, & social security number). Many were also unable to accurately plug in their personal information or copy provided information onto a form often mixing up key information such as cities & counties or phone number & social security numbers.

This product will help your students to become more independent, confident and successful out in the community.

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