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Concession Stand - Vocational Skills Worksheets - Workplace Readiness - Jobs

Concession Stand - Vocational Skills Worksheets - Workplace Readiness - Jobs

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This Vocational Skills - WINTER CONCESSION STAND WORKER resource empowers students with essential work skills through specialized worksheets designed for a concession stand setting.

Step into the world of vocational skills as a Concession Stand Worker with these engaging worksheets. These materials empower students with practical abilities crucial for excelling in the fast-paced environment of a concession stand.

From managing inventory of items like hot dogs and popcorn, to addressing customer inquiries about the menu, calculating customer totals, providing change, and ensuring smooth operations, students will acquire essential life and work skills tailored to the unique demands of a concession stand.


  • About the resource
  • 5 extension ideas

  • Ready-to-print PDF format
  • 10 winter concessions stand worker vocational skills worksheets
  • - 2 weeks of work
  • Over 100 interactive elements - for example: read, circle, write in the answer & more!
  • Color set + black & white set
  • U.S. & Canadian versions included

Answer Key:
  • Teacher answer key provided for both sets

U.S. & Canadian versions included


Customer Service
The unit emphasizes customer service skills, including how to interact with customers, answer their inquiries, & provide assistance. Students develop effective communication & interpersonal skills.

Financial Literacy
Students gain financial literacy skills by calculating totals, providing change, and handling transactions accurately. This skill ensures efficient and error-free financial operations at concession stands.

Menu Reading Skills
Students focus on reading the concession stand menu, a key functional text in hospitality. This helps them accurately convey menu information to customers, contributing to the success of the concession stand.

Inventory Management
Students develop skills in efficiently managing and organizing inventory at the concession stand, focusing on ingredients and supplies. This involves keeping track of quantities, product types, and sizes.
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