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Holiday Dollar Up Task Cards - Christmas - REAL PHOTOS - Rounding - Life Skills

Holiday Dollar Up Task Cards - Christmas - REAL PHOTOS - Rounding - Life Skills

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Holiday Dollar Up Task Cards - an engaging resource designed to enhance students' rounding skills, focusing specifically on rounding prices up to the next dollar. This set uses real product images of common items students would encounter during the Holiday season, adding a festive touch to the learning experience.

What’s Included?

  • About the resource
  • How to use guide
  • Table of contents

Task Cards:
  • Ready-to-print PDF format
  • 48 real product images
  • 4 levels with 2 versions
  • Covers for each level
  • 192 task cards per version
  • 384 total task cards
  • Prices between $1.00 - $42.00

Data Collection + Student Recording Sheets:
  • 3 data recording sheets
  • 3 student recording sheets
  • Teacher answer key

Version 1 Wording: “Round up to the next dollar:”
Version 2 Wording: “What’s the next dollar up?”

  • Level 1: Choice of 2
  • Level 2: Choice of 3
  • Level 3: Open response
  • Level 4: Answer sheet


Ideas for Use:
  • Independent or IEP work related to life skills and money
  • Personal finance, budgeting, and money lessons
  • Small group or whole classroom life skills
  • Community-based skills and shopping lessons
  • Suitable for centers, stations, or task box activities

Elevate your teaching with these Holiday Dollar Up Task Cards, perfect for integrating real-world scenarios into your lessons and fostering valuable life skills in a festive context. Ideal for diverse settings, these task cards make learning engaging and practical.
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