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Budgeting BUNDLE - Needs & Wants - Income & Expense - Life Skills - Budget

Budgeting BUNDLE - Needs & Wants - Income & Expense - Life Skills - Budget

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This is a NO PREP, print and go BUNDLE!

This bundle includes 4 resources.

  • 69 different worksheets
  • 648 total questions

Separately, these five resources would cost $24.00 Buy them as a BUNDLE and pay $20.00.

This bundle includes:

Needs & Wants

  • 21 different sheets with 162 questions
  • Teacher answer key

Income & Expense

  • 20 different sheets with 222 questions
  • Teacher answer key

Budgeting Unit 1

  • 14 different worksheets with 160 questions
  • Teacher answer key

Budgeting Unit 2

  • 14 worksheets with 104 questions
  • Teacher answer key

The first two resources helps students to learn about needs and wants and income & expenses and identify the difference between them. Students then apply their learned knowledge to a variety of questions and activities.

The two budgeting resources ask students use their learned knowledge of needs, wants, income and expenses to identify these items in monthly Bank Statements/ budgets. Students will practice identifying and calculating the amount of money needed for a desired expense (ex. Item or trip) and calculating how much money will need to be saved each month in order to attain the desired expense. Students will also examine the given budgets to calculate one - three individuals' total income, expenses, money saved, and identify additional ways for individuals to save. Students will also calculate weekly, monthly and yearly salary or expenses based off the given budget.

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