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Dollar Up Shopping Worksheets - Back to School Store - Life Skills

Dollar Up Shopping Worksheets - Back to School Store - Life Skills

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Engage Students in Real-World Shopping Scenarios with our Interactive Life Skills Resource! This resource offers three levels of differentiated learning, simulating diverse real-world shopping experiences. This resource includes a realistic store catalog with vivid pictures and prices. With a scaffolded approach, students progress and build upon their abilities.


Master "Dollar Up" Method with Visual-Priced Store Ads!

These differentiated worksheets use the "dollar up" technique, providing visual-priced store ads as a reference. Students search for item prices, calculate the dollar up amount, and assess affordability.




  • 1 realistic store catalog/ ad
  • 3 levels
  • Color + black & white set
  • Teacher answer key


Level 1 - Prices Given Ð Multiple Choice

  • 9 worksheets with 68 questions


Level 2 - Students Write in Price - Multiple Choice

  • 10 worksheets with 136 questions


Level 3 - Students Write in Price & Answer

  • 7 worksheets with 148 questions


A total of 27 different worksheets & 352 questions per set.

A total of 54 different worksheets


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