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Functional Text - Product Label Comprehension - BACK TO SCHOOL EDITION

Functional Text - Product Label Comprehension - BACK TO SCHOOL EDITION

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| Back to School | Life Skills | Reading Comprehension | Product Labels | Reading Labels | Special Education | Real-World Skills | Skills for Independence |


This is a no prep Back to School themed resource. These worksheets are great for functional text & life skills IEP objectives.


This resource includes:

  • 15 Product Labels/ Packaging (back to school themed)
  • 2 Levels to make differentiating easy
  • Color Set
  • Black & White Set
  • Teacher Answer Key for quick IEP data collection


Level 1 Ð Cut & Paste Ð Simpler Questions

  • 16 worksheets with 80 questions (5 questions per page)


Level 2 Ð Write in the Answer - More Complex Questions

  • 19 worksheets with 118 questions (6 - 7 questions per page)


Total of 35 different pages and 198 questions per set

Total of 70 different worksheets



This resource is also available as part of a BUNDLE saving you over 20%

Back to School BUNDLE


These worksheets are specifically created for students to read and interact with product packaging, allowing them to practice their comprehension abilities in a fun and practical way. With a range of questions to answer, students will develop their reading skills while discovering key details about the featured products.


The Back to School Product Labels offer two levels of difficulty to cater to different learning needs. Level 1 involves a cut-and-paste activity where students match the questions to the corresponding answers on the label. This hands-on approach encourages visual and tactile learning, enabling students to actively engage with the material.


For those ready for a greater challenge, Level 2 requires students to write their answers. This level promotes critical thinking and encourages students to express their comprehension through written responses. It also allows teachers to assess students' understanding of the product information in a more comprehensive manner.


The questions cover a range of relevant information, such as identifying the product name, recognizing the brand, determining the quantity, and identifying the specific product information. By exploring these elements, students gain valuable knowledge about various summer products while sharpening their reading comprehension skills.



Product Labels Included:

Dry Erase Markers



Hand Wipes


Air Freshener



Locker Kit


Correction Fluid

Lunch Bags



Mechanical Pencils


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