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Back to School Coloring Pages - Color by Price - Dollar Up - Calculate Total

Back to School Coloring Pages - Color by Price - Dollar Up - Calculate Total

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| Back to School | Dollar Up Strategy | Calculate the Total | Money Math | Life Skills


This is a NO PREP, print & go resource.


This resource includes:

  • 8 different coloring pictures
  • 3 levels
  • Teacher answer key for levels 2 & 3


Total of 24 different worksheets and 228 different coloring prompts


Level 1 Ð color by price

  • 8 worksheets with 76 coloring prompts


Level 2 Ð color using dollar up

  • 8 worksheets with 76 coloring prompts


Level 3 Ð color by calculating the total

  • 8 worksheets with 76 coloring prompts


This resource is also available as part of a BUNDLE saving you 20%

Back to School BUNDLE


Back to school coloring pages - the perfect companion for a fun and educational start to the school year! This engaging resource offers three levels of coloring activities to suit various skill levels.


Level 1: Color by Price - Students will enhance their understanding of numbers and prices as they color different elements based on assigned price values. A creative and interactive way to develop basic numerical skills.


Level 2: Color Using the Dollar Up Strategy - Designed to reinforce the concept of rounding up to the nearest dollar, this level encourages students to color using the dollar up strategy. They will practice making informed decisions based on the prices provided.


Level 3: Color by Calculating the Total - This advanced level challenges students to calculate the total cost of items and use the calculated amount as a guide for coloring. It promotes critical thinking and strengthens mathematical abilities.


With a total of 28 unique coloring pages across the three levels, Back to School Coloring Pages ensure a comprehensive learning experience that is both enjoyable and academically enriching. Prepare your students for success while fostering their creativity and numeracy skills. Make the back-to-school season vibrant and exciting with these engaging color pages!


This is a paper based, BACK TO SCHOOL themed resource.



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