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Amusement Park - Vocational Skills Worksheets - Workplace Readiness - Job Skills

Amusement Park - Vocational Skills Worksheets - Workplace Readiness - Job Skills

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This Vocational Skills - SUMMER AMUSEMENT PARK resource empowers students with essential work skills through specialized worksheets designed for a job site setting.

Step into the world of a summer amusement park worker with these interactive worksheets. Designed to enhance practical skills, these materials equip individuals with the essential abilities needed to thrive in a bustling amusement park during peak seasonal demand.

From answering questions on park hours and ticket prices, making change, and managing food stand inventory, to identifying if guests are tall enough to ride rides, serving the correct order, and determining if a guest won a game, these worksheets cover a wide range of tasks pertinent to the amusement park environment. Perfect for vocational training programs and job readiness courses.


  • About the resource

  • Ready-to-print PDF format
  • 10 landscaping vocational skills worksheets
  • - 2 weeks of work

  • Over 100 interactive elements - for example: read, circle, write in the answer & more!
  • Color set + black & white set
  • U.S. set & Canadian set

Answer Key:
  • Teacher answer key provided



Customer Service:
Students develop customer service skills by interacting with guests, answering their inquiries about park hours, ticket prices, and attractions, and providing assistance. This unit emphasizes effective communication and interpersonal skills to ensure a positive guest experience.

Financial Literacy:
Students gain financial literacy skills by calculating totals, providing change using "dollar up" and "change back" methods, and handling transactions accurately. This ensures efficient and error-free financial operations at food stands and ticket booths.

Navigation and Map Reading:
Students practice reading and interpreting park maps, helping guests find attractions, food stands, and other facilities. This skill enhances their spatial awareness and ability to provide accurate directions.

Inventory Management:
Students develop skills in managing and organizing inventory at food stands and game booths. This involves tracking stock levels, categorizing items, and ensuring the availability of necessary supplies, contributing to smooth park operations.

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